Overcome Your Fears

Anything I've ever done that ultimately was
worthwhile...initially scared me to death.

Betty Bender

You desperately want to quit your job to join the gardening corps but are scared or uncertain about how to proceed. Believe me when I say that one day you will look back on this experience and wonder what kept you from taking the leap sooner. Once you take the bold risk of gardening for a living, fear paralysis will no longer determine your destiny. You will come to realize with great confidence you have made the right decision and look back questioning what was I ever thinking, what held me back, why was I so hesitant about doing something I wanted so badly?

Dismissing those fears are not always easy. You may be frustrated at the perpetual back and forth internal debate and pingponging of issues rattling in your brain which keep you from taking action. Rest assured, the fears you are facing are very real and are common concerns that many people find debilitating when faced with the stress of changing careers.

To leave the comfort of a well-paid job is a scary thing but long term those velvet handcuffs come at a high price. You probably have many doubts and fears. Trading in a steady salary to work for a significantly smaller paycheck is terrifying. How will you cope?

It will take some adjustment and a little bit of homework to figure out how much money you need. Job satisfaction becomes measured in more than dollars, and your definition of success completely changes. We have a finite time on this earth and aside from sleeping, more than half our time is spent at work. Why spend time in a dead end job which makes you feel drained at the end of the day?

Do you feel guilty about the time you, your parents and spouse have already invested in your education and professional development to develop your career? Are you being lazy, wasting your talent or ambition when you are capable of choosing a profession that is more demanding of your intelligence?

Money is not the only measure of success but can it allow you the financial freedom to garden in a non-professional capacity? Am I thinking too short term? Am I being flaky in living for now, seriously derailing my career and possibly jeopardizing my retirement? Continue reading for suggestions on how to use worst case scenarios and “just for now” thinking to get unstuck from fear paralysis.

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